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QLT Objective 2.3 The learning activities (including graded assignments and ungraded activities) promote the achievement of the student learning outcomes.

QLT Objective 2.5 Throughout the semester, instructor provides multiple opportunities to give feedback on student learning, as well as helping students "self-check" their learning. 

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Please read all the Get Started Resources prior to attempting quiz. This includes:

    • Start Here: Welcome!
    • Course Syllabus
    • Course Outline & Schedule
    • Week One Overview

Learning Objectives

  • Explain each of the Get Started Resources
  • Describe the expectations for completing the Course


  • There are 10 multiple choice/true-false questions.
  • You have 30 minutes for this quiz.
  • Please use the Firefox browser for best performance
  • Once you start the quiz, you must complete it; there are "3 attempts". You cannot save to return to later. If you log out, you cannot return to the quiz.
  • The attempt with the highest score will be graded.


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